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Top 10 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Arsenal Players

Top 10 Hottest Wives and Girlfriends of Arsenal Players

Some players love showing off not only their skills but their sense of style. But they’re still no match for their hot companions. Once a player gets caught by paparazzi with a new girlfriend, tabloids go crazy, and it’s not surprising. When you play for one of the world’s best football clubs, you inevitably gather an army of beauties around yourself. Let’s try to put together a top-10 of the prettiest wives and girlfriends of Arsenal players.  We’re not taking an only current squad into account, so there will be some ex-players, as well.

10) Jessica Sterling

Sure, Petr Cech’s wife Martina is beautiful, just like Wojciech Szczesny’s companion, but the 10th spot on our list goes to Jessica Sterling, David Ospina’s wife. Despite the apparently British last name, Jessica is a Colombian model. She met Ospina in 2012, back when he was playing in France. And now, Jess and David have a daughter.

Jessica Sterling

9) Isabelle Lopez Ramos

Isabelle Lopez Ramos

Next on our top-10 is Nacho Monreal’s WAG. Isabelle Lopes Ramos isn’t that popular, but she’s certainly a girl with character. She has nothing against taking part in a nude photo shoot for some magazine or texting a rude response to a fan on Twitter. Once, a guy decided to make fun of her subscribers. Isabelle made him regret it.

8) Ulrike Mertesacker

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