Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This website is Managed, owned and operated by surajvines.At CelebsPedia, we want to make you feel safe and satisfied during online browsing because your privacy is our primary concern.

There is certain information that this company gathers from their users so you should fully understand the terms and Conditions as well as Policy about How this company utilizes their user’s information.


Types of Information Gather at Surajvines.


CelebsPedia gathers some certain types of information in different ways.Some of the ways by which this company stores your personal information but not limited to:


1.If users visit this website from any search engine.

2.When a user fills any type of Registration form.When users take benefits of Features, offers, and discounts.


If such information is voluntarily entered by any users they must understand that all these information should store in the company’s database safely.


This website Ensures that the Privacy of their clients are secured and there should be no unauthorized access to the client’s sensitive information.



Personal Information


A.“Through Registration form” submission.


Users at CelebsPedia can opt for the information for further information related to the product and services consulting.All these information gathered in this form to identify all essential needs required by the clients.


  1. “Through Contact, we form” submission.


Through contact-us form, users can opt to ask questions or their queries directly through the contact-us form submission.All these information gathered is used to contact their clients for satisfying them by providing the resolution or the answers asked by them.



Non-Personal Information.


CelebsPedia reserves all rights to know how their users are interacting with CelebsPedia.Non-personal information may include information like user’s browser name or their technical specification like the type of operating system they are using or like which internet service they are using.



Privacy for Children.


This website uses COPPA policy which is Protection act children online privacy protection act of 1988 so the children under 13 will have to request parental consent.


User Usage Tracking.


At CelebPedia, this website tracks users usage details like the number of pages they visit only to gather which part of the website they like the most so that we can improve the site usage for better use.


However this site does not record or track each and everything that they are reading or other stuff, so it breaks the overall searching statics like operating system, the device they use and the user’s domain name.



Cookies Usage.


This website may place a Text File notification on the visitor’s browsers to track the information of users for the better usage of the website.However, cookies will not read any a sensitive data stored on your hard disk.


You can also turn your cookies off it will not store automatically on your browser.It is not mandatory to use this website cookie turned on however you need cookies for polling, forums, and survey for active participation.



Disclosure and Protection of Personal Information.


CelebsPedia Prohibits the strict policy for not disclosing user’s identification to any third party websites or an individual.However, if the requirement of any Law enforcement or for further any legal issue occurs then this company will provide for the safety of the users.


CelebsPedia take all the necessary and essential measures to protect all their client’s information against any theft, loss or any kind of unauthorized access.


If the user leaves this website and then disclose any personal information to other vendors or any third party websites then, in this case, CelebsPedia is not responsible for any misuse or malicious damage to the user’s personal data.


User Consent.


By using Celebspedia you must agree to all the terms and Condition or the policy for using the same.However, if there are any changes occurs this website will update that accordingly.