Actress Height Weight Age

Lindsay Lohan Height Age Weight Biography Family Net Worth and Unknown Facts

Lindsay Lohan Height Age Weight Biography Family Net Worth and Unknown Facts

Lindsay Dee Lohan was Born on July 2nd, 1986 is an American Actress, Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, and Singer. As a Child, she was Signed to Ford Models. Her Breakthrough in Disney’s Trap (1988). she also Appeared in Herbie: Fully Loaded(2005), Just My Luck(2006), Bobby(2006), Chapter 7(2007), Liz and Dick(2012), Lindsay(2014-2015), the Theatrical Freaky Friday(2013).

Her Height is 5 Feet 5 inches or 165 cm or 1.65 m. Her Weight is 52 Kgs or 115 Pounds. She is 32 Years of age.Her Estimated Net Worth is $800 K USD

Lindsay Lohan Height

Her Height is 5 Feet 5 inches or 165 cm or 1.65 m.

Lindsay Lohan Age

She is 32 Years of age.

Lindsay Lohan Weight

Her Weight is 52 Kgs or 115 Pounds.

Lindsay Lohan Net Worth

Her Estimated Net Worth is $800 K USD

Lindsay Lohan Real Name 

Lindsay Dee Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Nick Name

Linds, La Lohan, LL, Lilo

Lindsay Lohan Occupation

Actress, Businesswoman, Fashion Designer, and Singer

Lindsay Lohan Best Known For

Her Breakthrough in Disney’s Trap (1988). she also Appeared in Herbie: Fully Loaded(2005), Just My Luck(2006), Bobby(2006), Chapter 7(2007), Liz and Dick(2012), Lindsay(2014-2015), the Theatrical Freaky Friday(2013).

Lindsay Lohan Body Measurement

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – NOVEMBER 20: LIndsay Lohan arrives at the “Liz & Dick” – Los Angeles Premiere at Beverly Hills Hotel on November 20, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)


Lindsay Lohan Hair Color and Eye Color

She has Red Color Hairs and Grey Color Eyes

Lindsay Lohan Dress Size


Lindsay Lohan Sexual Orientation


Lindsay Lohan Shoe Size


Personal Life:

Lindsay Lohan Zodiac Sign


Lindsay Lohan Birth Place

New York City, New York, USA

Lindsay Lohan Nationality


Lindsay Lohan Education

She attended Cold Spring Harbour High School

Lindsay Lohan Debut Movie

The Parent Trap in 1998

Lindsay Lohan First Album

Speak on 7 December 2004

Lindsay Lohan First Tv Show

Late Night with Letterman in 1992

Lindsay Lohan Facebook

Lindsay Lohan Twitter


Lindsay Lohan Instagram


Lindsay Lohan Family

  • Father– Michael Lohan
  • Mother– Dina Lohan
  • Brother– Dakota Cody, Michael Jr.
  • Sister– Ali Lohan, Ashley Kristi Kauffmann

Lindsay Lohan Religion

Roman Catholic

Lindsay Lohan Fan Mail Address

View her Complete Address Details Here

Lindsay Lohan Hobbies

Dancing, Reading, Writing, Acting

Lindsay Lohan Diet and Workout

Lindsay Lohan is a Popular amongst the most talked celebs for having a skinny and lean figure. There is a considerable measure of diligent work behind her thin Jim and Workout physic. She has been putting a ton of time and exertion into it. She goes for turning exercise toward the beginning of the day after she gets up till 8 am. When all is said in done, her everyday exercise administration begins with –

Warm-up – Warm-up the entirety of your muscles with running or typical strolling for 10-15 min.

Hamstring Stretch – Sit on the floor or on a tangle with straight legs and palms ought to be on the ground for help yet back ought to be straight. Presently lean forward, twist by the midsection as much you can and remain in that situation for a large portion of a moment. Rehash this five-six times.

Quad extend (legs) – Lie on the ground on any side say left, with knees twisted and together. Keep your correct leg as it is and expand your abandoned one straight. At that point hold the correct toe with a right hand and force it in as much it is conceivable. Remain in this situation for a large portion of a moment. Rehash it with another leg moreover.

Ball leg twists – Lie on your back and keep a little exercise ball under your correct leg. For help press your palms on the ground. Raise your left leg and keep it in that situation for the whole development. Presently roll the ball In and out towards your rear end and after that to the beginning position. Rehash it a similar route with other leg.

Chilling Off – After every one of the activities, chill off your body with moderate running and light stretches to stay away from any sort of wounds.

Lindsay Lohan exercise count calories

Lindsay Lohan Diet Plan

Her eating routine ought to be just favored under the discussion of specialists and ought to be of here and now as it were. She is known for being extremely skeletal and missing every one of her muscles from the body. She has been into tobacco and medications for quite a while. Yet, now she has chosen to stop a wide range of medications and gather all into her vocation. Her eating routine arrangement incorporates –

  • Breakfast – 2/3 egg whites and a banana and vegetables.
  • Lunch – It incorporates three cuts of turkey and a chicken or ham with tomatoes and lettuce.
  • Snacks – It incorporates one apple or two-three bubbled eggs.
  • Supper – Salmon filet cooked with some olive oil and a measure of vegetables.
  • Sweet – A solidified organic product bar.

Having a similar eating regimen for quite a while can prompt complexities. Thus on the off chance that you excessively shed pounds radically at exactly that point lean toward this eating regimen plan however just under the discussion of any dietitian.

Lindsay Lohan Liquid Diet Secret

She has made due on melons, organic product squeeze and eating regimen coke just to get more fit which made her looks so thin like a holder.

Fluid fasting diet – It is an all fluid eating routine or low calorie consume less calories. It should just be attempted by thinking about your wellbeing status or required weight reduction. An individual can lose overabundance body weight, stays hydrated and the eating regimen plan has all the body supplements required for every day tasks.

Qualities of fluid fasting diet –

The critical point to be noted is that it ought to be attempted so that legitimate measure of supplements ought to be expended at appropriate feast times.

It should just be taken under medical supervision.

Scarcely any focuses:

Length ought to be 4-multi-day?

A measure of weight should be lost?

Any wellbeing condition that the individual is experiencing.

Great purposes of fluid fasting diet –

Flushing out of poisons from the framework.

Vitamins, minerals and cancer prevention agents help the invulnerable framework.

It is a decent vitality source.

Weight reduction by fat releasing.

It is a functioning fuel of vitality source.

Lindsay Lohan Boyfriends lists

  1. She has got a long list of boyfriends. The list starts as –
  2. 50 Cent – Rumor
    Justin – Rumor
    Leonardo DiCaprio – Rumor
    Ryan Rottman –
  3. Roger Garth (2001) – Rumor
    Aaron Carter (2002-2003)
  4. Damien Fahey (2003-2004) – Rumor
  5. Wilmer Valderrama (2004)
  6. Colin Farrell (2004)
  7. Bruce Willis (2005) – Rumor
  8. Harry Judd (2005)
  9. Talan Torriero (2005) – Rumor
  10. Diego Garcia (2005-2007)
  11. Jared Leto (2005) – Rumor
  12. Paris Hilton (2006)
  13. Sean Lennon (2006) – Rumor
  14. Ryan Adams (2006) – Rumor
  15. Shaun White (2006) – Rumor
  16. Benicio Del Toro (2006) – Rumor
  17. Brody Jenner (2006)
  18. Brett Ratner (2006)
  19. Joaquin Phoenix (2006) – Rumor
  20. Vanessa Lachey (2006) – Rumor
  21. Stavros Niarchos (2006)
  22. Jamie Dornan (2006) – Rumor
  23. Jamie Burke (2006)
  24. Brandon Davis (2006)
  25. Harry Morton (2006)
  26. Garrett Hedlund – Rumor
  27. Robbie Williams (2007)
  28. James Blunt (2007) – Rumor
  29. Jude Law (2007) – Rumor
  30. Calum Best (2007)
  31. Criss Angel (2007) – Rumor
  32. Riley Giles (2007)
  33. Courtenay Semel (2007-2008)
  34. Heath Ledger (2008) – Rumor
  35. Evan Ross (2008)
  36. Alessandro Di Nunzio (2008) – Rumor
  37. Dario Faiella (2008) – Rumor
  38. Eduardo Costa (2008) – Rumor
  39. Jeremy Greene (2008) – Rumor
  40. Samantha Ronson (2008-2009)
  41. Petey Wright (2009) – Rumor
  42. Gerard Butler (2009) – Rumor
  43. Jason Segel (2009) – Rumor
  44. Adam Senn (2009-2010) – Rumor
  45. Lady Victoria Hervey (2010) – Rumor
  46. Ryan Phillippe (2010) – Rumor
  47. Eilat Anschel (2010) – Rumor
  48. Landon Brown (2010) – Rumor
  49. Vikram Chatwal (2011) – Rumor
  50. Evan Peters
  51. Brett Tucker (2011) – Rumor
  52. Philipp Plein (2011)
  53. James Deen (2012) – Rumor
  54. Terry Richardson (2012) – Rumor
  55. Henry Hopper (2012) – Rumor
  56. Voodoo (2012) – Rumor
  57. Gavin Doyle (2012) – Rumor
  58. Josh Chunn (2012)
  59. Avi Snow (2013) – Rumor
  60. Matt Nordgren (2013)
  61. Egor Tarasov (2015-2016)
  62. Dennis Papageorgiou (2016)


Lindsay Lohan Favourite Things

  • Fav Color– Pink
  • Fav Food– Sushi, Italian Cuisine
  • Fav Drink– Lindsay Lohan
  • Fav Book– A Million Little Pieces
  • Fav Movie– Kitten with a Whip
  • Fav Pet– Dog

Lindsay Lohan Unknown Facts

  1. She Likes to Do Smoking.
  2. She has her own Fashion Line 6126.
  3. In April 2016 she was Studying Islam and Considered Converting.
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