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Keanu Reeves Height, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Bio and Unknown Facts

Keanu Reeves Height, Age, Weight, Net Worth, Bio and Unknown Facts

Keanu Reeves Real Name and Bio

Keanu Charles Reeves is the Real Name of Keanu Reeves is a Canadian Actor, Director, Producer, and Musician. He is Best Known for his Hit Movies Like The Matrix Sci-fi Trilogy. Leading Role in the Movies Like The Devil’s Advocate, Speed, and the Point Break.

Keanu Reeves Height

His Height is 6 Feet 1 1/4 inches or 186 cm or 1.86 m

Keanu Reeves Age

He was Born on September 2, 1964, and according to his Birth Date, he is 53 Years of age.

Keanu Reeves Weight

His Weight is 84 Kgs or 185 pounds

Keanu Reeves Net Worth

His Estimated Net Worth is $350 Million USD

Keanu Reeves Birth Place

Beirut, Lebanon

Keanu Reeves Zodiac Sign


Keanu Reeves Nationality


Keanu Reeves Education

He attended the Etobicoke School of the Arts. He attended Avondale Secondary Alternative School.

Keanu Reeves Family

  • Father-Samuel Nowlin Reeves Jr.
  • Mother-Patricia Taylor
  • Brother-unknown
  • Sister-Kim Reeves, Kareena Miller, and Emma Reeves.

Keanu Reeves Girlfriends


  1. Melissa Reigel
  2. Jill Schoelen(1986-1989)
  3. Sofia Coppola(1992)
  4. Sandra Bullock(1993)
  5. Amanda De Cadenet(1996-1997)
  6. Jennifer Syme(1998-2000)
  7. Rachel Jones(2001)
  8. Autumn Macintosh(1990’s and 2004)
  9. Emma Kearney
  10. Claire Forlani(2004-2006)
  11. Lynn Collins(2005)
  12. Diana Keaton(2005)
  13. Kelli Garner(2005)
  14. Hallie Meyers Shyers
  15. Martha Higareda(2007)
  16. Winona Ryder(2008)
  17. Parker Posey(2008)
  18. China Chow(2008)
  19. Trinny Woodal(2008)
  20. Cameron Diaz(2009)
  21. Charlize Theron(2010)

Keanu Reeves Body Measurements


  • Chest-43 inches
  • Waist-35 inches
  • Biceps-14 inches

Keanu Reeves Hair Color


Keanu Reeves Eye Color


Keanu Reeves Sexual Orientation


Keanu Reeves Shoe Size


Keanu Reeves Fav Things

  • Fav Movie-Stroszek(1977), A Clockwork Orange(1971), Apoclyapse Now(1979), The Taxi Driver(1976)
  • Fav Kung Fu Movies– Enter the Dragon(1973), Fist of Legend(1994), Tai Chi Master(1993)
  • Fav Books– Count of Monty Christo(By Alexander Dumas), The Lord of the Rings(by J.R.R Tolkien)
  • Fav Toronto Hangouts– Licks, Ramsden Parks, The Bloor Street Cinema and the University Cinema
  • Fav Beer- Pilsners
  • Breakfast- Oatmeal with Honey, Frosted Flakes with Cold Milk, Plain Chocolates with Cappucino
  • Fictional Technology- Time Machine
  • Real Technology- Printing Press and Electricity
  • Fav Filmmakers-Stanley Kubrick, David Lean, Frank Capra, and Martin Scorsese

Keanu Reeves As a Singer

His Debuted Studio Album was Our Little Visionary in 1996

Keanu Reeves First Tv Show

Hangin, IN in 1984

Keanu Reeves First Film

One Step Away in 1985

Keanu Reeves Unknown Facts

  1. He was Appointed as a Spokesperson for NBCF in 2002.
  2. He appeared in Comedy, Romantic and Horror Movie Series as well.
  3. He is not Present on Social Media.
  4. He is the Co-Founder of the Production, Company Films.
  5. For his Movie Matrix, he has learned 4 Months in Martial Arts.
  6. Once he was Diagnosed with Dyslexia
  7. He is an Active Supporter of SickKids Foundation and Stands up to Cancer.
  8. The Empire Magazine listed him in the 28th Position in the Top 100 Sexiest Mens in 2007.


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